May 21, 2012

30 Activities that can be Done in 30 Seconds or Less

  1. Greet the person by name.
  2. Make eye contact and smile.
  3. Shake hands.
  4. Ask someone to "show me" an object.
  5. Tease: "Mr. Smith, I just saw you eat dessert first!"
  6. Tell someone they are loved.
  7. Give a sustained bear hug.
  8. Give a compliment: "Wow! You look pretty spiffy!"
  9. Ask an open-ended question: "How are you feeling today?"
  10. Ask an opinion: "What do you think of my necktie? Does it match my shirt?"
  11. Play a quick game of catch.
  12. Notice an unusual bird or squirrel outside the window.
  13. Evoke a memory from a person's life story: "Tell me more about your dog. Did he follow you to school?"
  14. Give a hand massage.
  15. Share a new hand lotion and talk about its pleasing scent.
  16. Try on a new shade of lipstick.
  17. Blow bubbles.
  18. Slip a little treat to someone.
  19. Share a magic trick.
  20. Show off family photos of a new grandchild.
  21. Blow up a balloon and bat it around. (You can blow up surgical gloves instead.)
  22. Look at a flower arrangement and compare colors, textures and scents.
  23. Ask for advice on a recipe.
  24. Tell a funny story or joke. Clown around for a moment and make funny faces, throw your hands in the air and spin around once or twice.
  25. Do a quick dance to some fun music that is playing in the background.
  26. Sing a song or say a prayer together.
  27. Notice vivid colors in an unusual dress or shirt.
  28. Ask for help with a chore such as folding a towel, helping to make a bed, or polishing a piece of furniture.
  29. Try on a hat or hats.
  30. Step outside for some fresh air.
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