September 26, 2009

Healing the Sick - Best Practices: Visiting the sick

Healing the Sick - Best Practices: Visiting the sick

September 12, 2009

Media Entertainment's View of Health Providers

A police officer I was speaking with after the fires near Los Angeles said that police get a bad rap from the entertainment industry, but animal control officers get the worst of it. On TV shows and news reports, animal control never comes off as a good guy. I claimed that probably nursing homes are somewhere between.......

Dr. Oz

Glad to see that Dr. Oz will have his own show. I'll be taping it everyday to watch in the evening.

Visiting the sick

I've done both the worst and the best visiting in my time. The worst was when a friend had just undergone a full hysterectomy and was recovering in the hospital. I thought it would cheer her up if I read from an Erma Bombeck book. If you don't know Erma Bombeck's comedic writing then you wouldn't understand why my friend was nearly falling out......