October 28, 2011

GPS Shoes, for Alzheimer's Patients

GPS Shoes, for Alzheimer's Patients

These boots were really made for walking.
The first batch of 3,000 shoes with integrated GPS devices  -- to help track down dementia-suffering seniors who wander off and get lost -- just shipped frommanufacturer  GTX Corp. to the footwear firm Aetrex, two years after plans were announced to develop the product.
The company's first shoes -- dreamed up back in 2002 following the Elizabeth Smart case -- were intended to locate missing children. And safety is the driving force today behind the company's newest GPS-enabled shoe.  The shoes will sell at around $300 a pair and buyers will be able to set up a monitoring service to locate "wandering" seniors suffering from Alzheimer's Disease.

Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/scitech/2011/10/27/

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