September 12, 2009

Media Entertainment's View of Health Providers

A police officer I was speaking with after the fires near Los Angeles said that police get a bad rap from the entertainment industry, but animal control officers get the worst of it. On TV shows and news reports, animal control never comes off as a good guy. I claimed that probably nursing homes are somewhere between.......
between animal control and police. We both acknowledged that good and bad are very subjective. Often, the perception of a person is that something is bad even when necessary and best. So, 'Best Practices' doesn't necessarily mean something that everyone affected will like.

Example: The paperwork involved in checking in to a nursing home is more than that which I had to sign when buying a house. On the admissions paperwork there were 26 times that a person had to sign or initial something. Of course the ones having to sign complained. They DID NOT like it. However, all I had to say was, your signatures prove to Medicare that you are being treated here. Medicare won't pay for your stay here without your signatures. People then gladly added their signatures to the pages.

Sometimes the painful thing protects the patient, but the story about having to sign or initial 26 times is what they talk about rather than the fact that Medicare paid for their nursing home care.

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